Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Let's go Nautical!!

Happy holidays guys! I am so excited to be on leave!!! Anyway, I wore this outfit yesterday visiting friends. The key piece in this outfit was this absolutely gorgeous bag I got from Luscious Trendz. Its the perfect size and the colour is timeless! 
 I wish you and you loved ones a Merry Christmas! Thanks for passing by!
Dress- Kangemi Market | Sunnies- Town near WBC | ASOS Ring & Watch - Gifted | Necklace - Olamide KE | Dunnes Heels - Marto's | Bag - Luscious Trendz 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DIY Earring Storage!

Hey guys, so yes I am back. Once again, sorry for the absence. We close office on Friday and I simply cannot wait to go on holiday mode! Anyway, I have been wanting to put up this post for a while. This DIY was actually an idea given to me by my lovely friend Peps when I first posted on how I store my earrings. 

Its actually quite simple. All you need is:

1. An old, good quality scarf
2. Plastic hooks (available from any supermarket)
3. Super glue (to reinforce the hooks as its glue isn't strong enough)

I used three hooks and have had my earrings hanged there for over a year now.. It is s simple DIY but gives your earrings good storage and easy access!!!

Happy mid-week and thanks for passing by!

Pierre Cardin Scarf- Gikomba | Earrings- Mostly from Jewels By Angeline , Maasai Market, Town Hawkers, ASOS, River Island and Forever 21.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Casual Hooded Poncho!

 Hey guys, how has your week been so far? I have been quite busy as usual but I do try to squeeze time to take a few outfit pics. This was my outfit yesterday. I had lots of errands to do, mostly school related. Interestingly, I had not planned to take pictures in the midst of my frantic errands, but decided to go ahead and take pics of my casual outfit.
I love this poncho to bits! Well maybe it had something to do with the fact that I bought it for KShs. 20.... what a steal! It has that festive spirit vibe and an amazing print. I also love the hoody, the black trim on the edges and most of all its bagginess which means great comfort!
Thanks for reading and do have a blessed Thursday!
Pictures by Shaun who will be featuring here soon on Style Muse for men!

F21 Hooded Poncho- Toi Market for KShs. 20 | Atmosphere Boot-cut Jeans- Gikomba through a friend | Worthington Laptop Bag- Gikomba | Steve Madden Boots- Marto's | Ring- Mr. Price | Sunnies- Behind WBC | F21 Earrings- Jewels By Angeline

Monday, November 25, 2013

Floral & Stripped Prints!

Hey guys, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine felt very short... just glad that we are almost breaking for Christmas and I will get a two-week leave from work and three weeks from school......Yaay! Anyway, this was my Saturday outfit worn to school. I love mixing prints and this floral & stripped mix blended really well. The heel gave it that little pop of colour and I was good to go! Do have a great week ahead and thank you for stopping by!
Pictures by fellow blogger Sylvie Bentley

Topshop Blouse- Toi Market |  Ricki's Pants- Toi Market | Sling Bag- Gikomba | Sunnies- Enkarasha | Amisu Heels- Bus Station for KShs. 300 | Assorted Bangles- Gifted from F21 | Ring & Earrings- River Island

Monday, November 18, 2013

Pleated Maxi Skirt!

Hey Guys,
I hope you had a lovely weekend. I enjoyed mine.  have been so busy for the past couple of weeks and yesterday, I got to stay in bed and lazy about the whole day with hubby which was just perfect! I need me some more lazy Sundays... 
Anyway, I wore this outfit last Thursday. I am a huge fan of maxi skirts.... They are so comfy and lady-like. So hope you all have a lovely and stylish week ahead!
Thank you for stopping by!

Pictures taken by Mar.

Warehouse Sweater- Kangemi Market for KShs. 30 | Pleated Skirt- Maggy's | Necklace- Maggy's | Assorted  Bangles- Mostly Gifted | Sunnies- Town shop near WBC | Earrings- Mr.Price | Isaac Mizrahi Heels- Bus Station for KShs. 300 | Rings- Jewels By Angeline

Monday, November 11, 2013

Shades of Grey!

 Hey Guys,
Hope you had a great weekend. On Saturday, my best friend had one of those traditional ceremonies, the dowry negotiations to be specific and it was such a lovely afternoon. Super excited and I cant wait for the actual wedding! Anyway, this was my Friday outfit. I really LOVE wearing different shades of the same colour.....more like monochrome but breaking it with jeans or something neutral. Anyway, do have a great week and thanks for stopping by!!

Atmosphere Blouse- Freddies | Blazer- Toi Market | Ma Spiga Wedge Heels- Random Hawker in Westlands | Susen Bag- Tony Sells Bags | Rings- Gifted

Thursday, November 7, 2013

ThrowBack Muse: Gladiator Heels!

Hey Guys,
Sorry been MIA. Just been super busy with work and school! This was the outfit I wore yesterday...Ok maybe I am going a tad crazy since I learnt how to mirror images.. lol! Anyway, I found these gladiator heels at the back of my closet and realized that I haven't worn them since sometime in 2011! I saw them and fell back in love with them...Like I kept on asking myself why I haven't worn them ever since and they are pretty chic and comfy! Anyway, my wee sis Ida took the pics as we were both dashing to class and we barely had 2 minutes to spare....SIGH! Its been one of those crazy weeks! Anyway, one more day to the weekend....whoopee!

Denim Co. Blazer- Toi Market | Fuchsia Top- Toi Market | Ricki's Pants- Toi Market | Kristin Davis Gladiator Heels- Marto's Stall Moi Avenue | Necklaces- Gifted | Earrings- Mr. Price | F21 Rings- Gifted

Friday, October 25, 2013

All Denim!

Hey guys,
Woohooo!!! Its Friday!! I hope you are well. Been so busy having exams this week. I have one more paper left then I can relax and catch up on some of the movies I have lined up for myself.

The tomboy in me absolutely loves baggy boyfriend jeans and jackets........I can wear them all day, everyday but I try to refrain myself from overdoing it lol!  Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend ahead! Thanks for passing by!
 Principle Denim Vest- Kangemi Market Stradivarius Boyfriend Jeans- Toi Market | Cat-eye Sunnies- Random Stall in Town | Earrings- Mr. Price | Necklace- Maggy | H&M Heels- Bus Station | F21 Connector Ring- Jewels by Angeline 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Formal with a classy African twist!

 Hey guys,
Hope you've had a lovely week! Can you believe we are almost at the end of the year?? Oh how time flies! Well this was my outfit yesterday from work to school. I really, really LOVE it as its formal but the African touch is so elegant and timeless! Anyway, I hope you all have a great long weekend... Happy Mashujaa Day!

Blouse- Toi Market | Skirt- Custom -made (my own design) | Cow Horn Bangles- Maasai Market | Follie Follie Bag- Kenyatta Market | Evie Heels- Toi Market | Sunnies- Mr. Price | Earrings- Jewels by Angeline |Rings- Gifted 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sopa Lodge Naivasha, Kenya!

Hey guys, hope you had a fab weekend! Last weekend, we (my hubby, two friends & I ) went to visit a  very good friend who works at Sopa Lodge Naivasha. It was such a needed and long awaited road trip!!!! We had an amazing meal there and passed by Delamere for their extra yummy milkshakes! Knowing how I love nature, I enjoyed walking by the lake and taking in all the serenity around before having to leave for Nairobi! Oh how I love Naivasha!!
I love,love the mix of the wood and the wrought iron chandelier. Its so country-themed..
This is such a clever way to disguise the kitchen windows....So creative!
The swings...
Vera Wang Dress- Freddies | Peep Toe Flats- Random Town Vendor  |  Adrienne Clutch- Gikomba |  Bangles- Maasai Market | Earrings- Mr. Price

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Galloping Horse Print!

Hey Guys,
Hope you are all doing well. This was my Saturday outfit going to class. I love the casual feel and it was so comfy! Anyway, the top was a steal from bus station that I got for Kshs. 50! I always go to bus station to check out their shoes but I think I will start taking more time to look at their clothes too!

I also love these flats. I used to have very bland flats before but when I decided to shop around for a good pair, Backyard had exactly what I wanted......statement pieces!! They are so comfy and yet very stylish.

Have a blessed Thursday & thanks for reading!

Topshop Top- Bus Station | Leggings- Gifted | Necklace- Maggy's | Ring & Earrings- Mr. Price | Sling Bag- Gikomba | Flats- Backyard Shoes

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Style Muse: Mar!

Hey guys, so for the longest time, I have been planning to feature some of my stylish friends on the blog. So I just decided to go ahead and do it! Introducing Mariam aka Mar, one of my girlfriends who I met last year in class. From the time we started talking, we just hit it off! She has amazing style and we share so much in common including our love for shopping :-)

These pictures were taken in school last Saturday (yes, we have Saturday class from 9am-12.30pm!! YIKES!!). Don't you just love the print on her maxi dress? Then she layered it with a denim shirt and rolled the sleeves up for a casual edge! I simply loved the whole combo!
Denim T-shirt- Maggy's | Dress- Dubai | Sling Bag- Toi Market  | Sunnies- Gifted | M.A.C Lipstick- Gifted 

Friday, October 4, 2013

A lot of Navy Blue!

Hey Guys,

Happy Friday! Sorry been a bit MIA, think I just needed time to come to terms with the Westgate ordeal. My prayers go out to the grieving families, those who got hurt & traumatized and the nation at large.

Have a blessed weekend ahead.

Stella McCartney T-shirt- Kangemi Market | New Yorker Blazer- Gikomba | Wet Seal Trousers- Toi Market | Pointed Heels- Bus Station | Bag- Kenyatta Market | ASOS Watch- Gifted | Rings & Earrings- Gifted    

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Black & Leather!

Hey guys, This was the outfit I wore yesterday. I am so in love with my boots that I got from WoolWorths for 500/= !! Thanks to my awesome workmate Qat for the pics!! I recently started having my lunch outdoors since we got new benches in our mini park at the office and I keep telling my    workmates how I love this tree. Its so beautiful!It just makes the whole mini- park feel so serene! Have a great weekend and those going out for 7's, have fun and go KENYA!
Seduction Leather Jacket- Gifted | Warehouse Sweater- Kangemi Market | Calvin Klein Jeans- Toi Market | WoolWorth's Boots | Sling Bag- Gikomba | Earrings- Mr. Price | Bangles- Maasai Market & Gifted

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hair Journal: 9 Months Natural!

So this natural hair journey is not easy as others may portray. I decided to chop my hair sometime towards the end of last year. Although I dilly-dallied for a bit, I actually did it on 1st January 2013 as part of my new years resolution. My hairdresser had refused to cut my hair and was on the verge of tears so I walked into the barbers next door and cut off one side. With that swift move, my hairdresser was forced to shave the rest of my head.

I immediately braided the next day as I researched (mainly YouTube) on how to style my TWA. Since then, I have mostly had my hair 'open' and if you are an avid reader of the blog, you can tell I have had plenty of i-just-dont-give-a-hoot bad hair days. I thank God for my job as we do not have a dress code and this gives me the opportunity to pull off whatever I want, and i do mean whatever!

So its been 9 months and I have gotten to the stage where I am looking forward to taking better care of my hair. I am glad I have never gotten the temptation to retouch my hair and I believe that my hair would be healthier & longer had I been more patient and dedicated.

The picture was taken after undoing my three strand braids (matuta) and my hair is a bit stretched out. I normally do twist outs but my hair shrinks a lot and always looks shorter. Anyway, feel free to comment below and share about your hair journey! So here's to better hair care, more length & thickness!!