Thursday, June 14, 2012

DIY: Earring Rack

Hey guys, well a reader inboxed me to ask about how to store earrings and all I could think of is to show how I store mine. Well I love my rack thingy because I get to see all the earrings and its easy to pick out what I want. I got it made by a friend but you could always buy it from Biashara street. Just ask for the tapestry mats and they will give you according to the size you want. You can choose to decorate them kinda like how I got mine done :) I also have little gift boxes where I keep my studs. Hope that helps you identify how to store your earrings..Awesome day.




  1. hey! i just discovered your blog today after reading yesterday's evegal magazine. Been going through your blog and I am falling in love with your style :) keep up the good work!


  2. Thank you honey! I so love when we fashionistas esp from the same country find each other!!! I love your blog! I have the same opinion on fur and I think Kourtney K is the most stylish Kardashian!!!!! Call me up (254720850228) sometime and we could go shopping or one of this fashion events!!

  3. Hey cece, An old woolen scarf pinned or nailed to wall could also make a perfect earring rack..loove your collection BTW!

    1. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a simple thing can be so useful!!! xoxo