Wednesday, February 25, 2015

WAZAWAZI: Leather Bags & Accessories!

Hey guys! So todays post introduces my YouTube channel that will highlight a new segment on the blog which will solely feature local artisans. The main objective of this section is to create awareness and promote talent and creativity in Kenya and Africa as a whole. 

So let me introduce Chebet Mutai, who is the Creative Director of WazaWazi, which is an Afrocentric lifestyle brand made in Kenya that seeks to tell the story of modern day Africa using leather as their main medium of expression. So hope you enjoy the video and be sure to revisit the blog to discover and promote more African brands!

 On me: Tshirt, Ring & Sunnies- Mr. Price | Earrings- H&M | Thick Leggings- Vivo Activewear | Pumps- Backyard Shoes | Makosewe Bag- WazaWazi

On Chebet: Dress- Custom-made by Jaki | Shoes- Evoke Westlands | Belt & Bag- WazaWazi

Monday, February 2, 2015

Istanbul, Turkey!

Hey guys. As promised on my instagram {@threadmuse} page, here are a few pictures from my recent trip to Istanbul. It was winter and the temperature was mostly an average of 5 degrees C. There wasn't any snow but as sunny as it may look on the pictures, it was rather cold. 

To start off, you can't go to Turkey and not try out their delicious Turkish delights sweets.
Bitings. The food in  Turkey was simply amazing! I think I had enough shawarma's to last me a while!
 A lot of graffiti on Taksim Street.
Handmade bag made with a traditional cloth. The art of haggling..
Cape- Toi Market | Sweater- Istanbul | Jeans- Toi Market | Earrings- 4U2

Beautiful fridge magnets.
 The evil eye. {To keep bad karma away}
Little purses.
 Bedecked lamps.
 Stunning boots.
 The famous Turkish rugs.
 Hagia Sophia Museum
 And finally the Blue Mosque.

Top 5 Suggestions:

1. Visit the Hagia Sophia Museum {or any other historical/ cultural site}
2. Enjoy their local cuisine {Shawama, Bread, Kebabs etc.}
3. Shop in Taksim {From clothes to electronics and much more}
4. Take a boat ride to the Asian/ European side that way you get to be in two continents at one go!
5. Buy a souvenir! You will definitely be spoilt for choice. {E.g. fridge magnets, purses, mugs etc.}

Have a productive week ahead!