Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Let's go Nautical!!

Happy holidays guys! I am so excited to be on leave!!! Anyway, I wore this outfit yesterday visiting friends. The key piece in this outfit was this absolutely gorgeous bag I got from Luscious Trendz. Its the perfect size and the colour is timeless! 
 I wish you and you loved ones a Merry Christmas! Thanks for passing by!
Dress- Kangemi Market | Sunnies- Town near WBC | ASOS Ring & Watch - Gifted | Necklace - Olamide KE | Dunnes Heels - Marto's | Bag - Luscious Trendz 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DIY Earring Storage!

Hey guys, so yes I am back. Once again, sorry for the absence. We close office on Friday and I simply cannot wait to go on holiday mode! Anyway, I have been wanting to put up this post for a while. This DIY was actually an idea given to me by my lovely friend Peps when I first posted on how I store my earrings. 

Its actually quite simple. All you need is:

1. An old, good quality scarf
2. Plastic hooks (available from any supermarket)
3. Super glue (to reinforce the hooks as its glue isn't strong enough)

I used three hooks and have had my earrings hanged there for over a year now.. It is s simple DIY but gives your earrings good storage and easy access!!!

Happy mid-week and thanks for passing by!

Pierre Cardin Scarf- Gikomba | Earrings- Mostly from Jewels By Angeline , Maasai Market, Town Hawkers, ASOS, River Island and Forever 21.