Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bamako, Mali!

Hey guys! Apologies for the hiatus. I was recently in Bamako for work and I absolutely fell in love with the people and their love for art. Here are a few highlights:
 The museum & botanical gardens are a must go!... Breathtakingly beautiful!
Pouting with a clay figurine in a depiction of their local transport
Miniature depiction of a building in Timbuktu 
 Stone carving
 Pretty flowers at the botanical gardens
 Wild flower amid the hyacinth in the Niger River
 Keeping stylish while fishing
A rainstorm on the River Niger

Their pastries were super delicious! Plus I had ginger & hibiscus juice for the first time ever!
The Bogolan or 'mud-cloth' is the quintessential fabric of West Africa that is particularly associated with Mali.
A local club with traditional symbols on the wall & with a ceiling decorated with fabric.