Wednesday, August 20, 2014

BEHIND THE SCENES: They told us they need a picture of us together...

Hey guys, so PikchaGUY and I recently had the honor of being interviewed by Business Daily and we needed to send a picture we took together. We realised that the only picture we have together was taken during my wedding which did not quite fit in to what we wanted. So we scheduled a selfie date to try take a serious picture... Oh my, we took such weird, awkward pictures trying to be so serious, so we decided to simply be who we are, funny & goofy! .........
One of my best friends Mbugua joined in.
Have a fun filled day!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Natural Hair Sisters: Anniversary Meet-Up Party!

Hey guys, so I am thinking of doing a post on natural hair but before that, let me share a few pics I took during a natural hair meet up I attended the Saturday before last. So I cut my hair on the 1st of January 2013 and I cut it really SHORT. Truth be told, I really didn't have any plans for it other than wanting to grow my hair naturally. I had never struggled with maintaining my permed hair but I think I just wanted a change that was clearly long overdue.

So I was invited to join this group that is full of loving and encouraging women who give advise, share experiences, do product reviews etc. The group recently met to celebrate its one year anniversary in a retro 1960- themed party, which was an opportunity for natural hair product vendors to sell their wares and most importantly, for the women to meet and celebrate each others hair journey. Just a few pictures from the event....
 Marylene & friends
 Otenge were readily available with their fabulous African accessories
 The lovely ladies {Wachu, Josephine, Ess & Nyasuba} who started the group and made all this happen!
 Beautiful sisters: Sherry & Wanji

 Nepurko, Amina and I
 I definitely bought some AJANI Homemade products that I am absolutely in love with! 
 The lovely Kavinya. Look at those curls!!
 Natural hair products sold at the event by Ciku Beauty. Yes I buy ALL my US products from them at very good prices!