Monday, February 25, 2013

New Hair Cut!!



Hey Guys, so I decided to go and chop my hair! Its been a LONG time coming. I had permed hair before and I took really good care of it but I hated having to always go back and retouch it andI guess I just wanted to get a new look. I had started on this journey before but I always end up retouching my growth because of an event or something. After consulting with my amazing friends who have already gone natural (Krys, Wambui, Wamz, June, Nova and Amiko), I decided to take a BIG leap of faith and cut it all in one go! I am so excited and thinking of maybe dyeing it..hmmmm?

After much research, I decided that the best way to go about it is to cut it all off and not mince about. Additionally, cutting it will give me the joy of dealing with one texture when treating etc. Anyway, do have an awesome week ahead!

Atmosphere Top- Toi Market, Earrings- Mr. Price.


  1. Hey Honey!

    Love the transformation! You've got guts!Not sure I would ever commit to that length!



  2. OMGEEEEEEEEEE SO EXCITING!!!!! Like I said...best..decision...EVARRR...LOL..and before I forget,that green dress if it disappears? You know the culprit.

    1. Yes, Best decision EVER!!We can discuss the green dress....trade off ;-)