Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Little pop of Christmas red!

Merry Christmas to you all!!!!!! I hope you enjoy your holidays with your loved one's! This was me early this morning doing some last minute Christmas shopping... ha ha don't we all? Happy Holidays!

Jules + James Top- Thika Road Hawker, Denim Co. Jeans- Gifted, George Sweater- Toi, Sling Bag- Gikomba, Bow tie worn as a hair band- Toi, Ring & Watch- Gifted, Wallis Brogues- Bus Station



Saturday, December 22, 2012

Brunch with the girls!!

Hey guys, I hope you are all well and enjoying the holidays. This was me today. I was meeting my girlfriends for brunch at Java. It was so lovely to catch up before travelling to spend the holidays with our families.. Have an awesome weekend!

Forcast Vest- Toi, Bitzar for Mahijo High Waisted Pants- Gikomba, Necklace- Woolworths, Ring- Gifted, Atmosphere Wedges- Bus Station, Scandiano Dr, Bag- Eldoret Market.



Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Friday, November 30, 2012

Hiding behind the sunny shadows!!

Atmosphere Top- Freddies, Ricki's Skinnies- Toi, Rouge Peep Toe's- Martos at 8-8 Mall, Bag- Gikomba, Earrings- Mr. Price.

Yaay its Friday!! Have so many errands to run, have a meeting with a potential styling client and have to go hit the books in preparation for my exams next week...SIGH! Cant wait for the holidays! Have an awesome weekend!



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Back to Black!!

H&M Dress- Toi, Earring, Chain, Ring- Gifted, Bag- Toi, Peep Toes- Bus Station.

I love the simplicity of this dress! It also came in handy as I was going for a food tasting event at a friends house who had been taking a cooking course. I also wanted to be comfy after indulging in all the yummy food she served us ;-)


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In my Mummy's shoes!

Hey dolls! How's your Wednesday going? I saw this shoes and had to buy them since they reminded me of my mothers heels. My mum really loved chunky heels and I think she had ony two pairs of stilletos. So with all that nostalgia, I bought these beautiful and extremely comfortable shoes. I remember my friend Kaiza posting a note on FB about her mothers heels. That was me! I remember stuffing newspapers as I wore my mums heels so they could fit! Lol!

Johnny Martin Dress- Toi, Earrings- I custom-made them, Sunnies- Mr. Price, Bracelets & Ring- Gifted, Dolce Vita Sling ag- Gikomba, Missimo Heels- Bus Station.

This was Kaiza's beautiful note:

As a little girl it was all i did,
click clock,clickidy clock,
up and down the stairs i went,
all over the house i keep,
excited,delighted and my first pair of heels,
my mother's pair of heels.

A little girl still,
and barely do i fit,
her pretty shoes i want to keep,
her stance,her confidence in these,
when can i be like her i used to think,
up and down in her heels,
click clock,clickidy clock she went,
and i still couldn't get into
my mother's heels.

Then a little girl again?
trying my best to not be this again,
grown up, an almost fit,
her shoes though not so sleek,
the popular boy,the school clique,
these most assuredly i seek!!
her i constantly forget,
her every nip,her every tack i will not forgive,
She feeling so lost and bleak,
one wrong move and her beloved she most certainly will not keep,
ohh sigh indeed in
my mother's heels!

Now time cannot keep,
and i find myself a little girl still,
and her shoes that i found not so sleek,
i seem to no longer fit,
larger and greater than life are her feet,
how can i ever hope to fit?
all the shouting and fighting,
will i ever be like this?
the example she almost thought she could not keep,
is now the very promise i hope to keep,
will i ever be like her i seek?
ohh i wonder and hope indeed in these,
my mother's heels!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Let me catch my breath!!

Hey guys,

Hope you had a lovely weekend. I took this pics early in the morning and it felt so nice and fresh before going to sit in a polluted jam for like 2 hours! I have had this flared shorts for ages and I just came across it and was excited to wear them! Do you have things in your closet that you have not worn for ages? Why not re-invent them and make use of them?

Atmosphere Top- Toi, BCBG Max Azria Shorts (Cullots)- Toi, Dunnes Peep Toe- Marto's at 8-8 Mall, Ring- Gifted, Earrings- Moi Avenue, Bracelets- Maasai Market, V Bag- Gikomba.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Morning Prints!!

Hey guys, how was your weekend? Mine was good. Took hubby out for dinner on his birthday and went to watch the Bourne Legacy. It was awesome!!
Have a great week!!
Blouse- Toi, Skirt- I custom made it :) , Bag- Gikomba, Timeless Heels- Gifted, Earring, Bangles & Ring- Gifted.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pop of Brown!!

Hey Guys,
This was me yesterday after leaving class. My wee sis, Ida took the pics and we were both dashing out of class to go home hence the hazy pics :)
Anyway I loved how this outfit came together with the white & black and then pop of brown!
Happy mid-week!
Bag- Gikomba, Flats & Belt- Bus Station, Earrings & Watch- Gifted, Papaya Blouse- Freddies, Ricki's Trousers- Toi.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sun blocked kisses!

Hey Guys,
Hope you had a fabulous weekend! I did! I mostly did nothing and watched movies and had nice home cooked meals. I loveed it!!! Have a stylish week ahead!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Story Moja Hay Festival!

My girls and I went for the Story Moja Hay Festival this past weekend. I can't fathom why I had never attended this great forum. Any avid book reader (irrespective of preferred genre), would love this event. Basically, the event runs for a couple of days with different discussions occurring concurrently. The festival also has a children's session which promotes the development of a reading culture from a tender age, which I strongly advocate for.
We went for a couple of the sessions, but I must say that the session Tomorrow will come, hosted by Maina Kiai on efforts to engage the Kenyan population on political and social accountability was my favorite. I left feeling so rejuvenated!

Giles Foden talks to John Sibi-Okumu about his novels Zanzibar, Ladysmith and his award winning Idi Amin novel, The Last King of Scotland.

Sunnies- Mr. Price, Custom made skirt- Local Tailor, Old Navy Vest- Toi, Ring- Mr. Price, Bangles- Maasai Market, Necklace- Bought from an old uni friend, Earrings- Gifted.


Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY Bag from Ordinary to CHIC!

This was my DIY project at home. My bag is practically falling to pieces and I really love the studs on the sides, so I decided to move them to another bag...

And yet again, I got another surprise in my fridge from my boys Shaun & Dan.. Thank you guys :) This is my third birthday cake this year!!

Hey Stylish People,
This was me earlier today, and yes I actually did have car problems, so I had to drive it back home then catch a mat to work! So much for my early start today! Anyway, I will definitely make the most of the afternoon. Have a great weekend!
Denim Co Skinnies- Gifted, Jones New York Blouse- Gikomba, Peep Toes- Bus Station, Kobas Blazer- Toi, Scandiano Bag- Eldoret hawker, Ring and Earrings- Gifted.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Wine, chocolates and girl talk!

Hey guys, hope you had a fab weekend. I did!!!I spent the weekend with my girlfriends and we really had a blast!! Had a sleepover (More like talk-all-night), a lunch that turned out to be dinner and drinks and clubbing! All in all, its always fun to meet up with the girls and catch up!!! I feel rejuvenated for the week! Have an awesome week!!

Asos Dress- Toi, Mustard Sweater- Toi, Peace Chain- Mr. Price, Cow Horn Bangles- Maasai Market, New Look Wedges- Bus Station, Sling Bag- Gikomba.



Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Spurs Restaurant

Hey guys,

So sorry for the hiatus, been caught up with my temporary 9-5pm.. I think I may have found a way of balancing the two so hopefully this works. Anyway, last Saturday, our good friend Tony took hubby and I for an early dinner at Spurs and it was AMAZING. Well for all the meat lovers out there, this is a place to go. I had been (For the longest time) planning to take hubby for a date there but just never got the time. Plus they have this 'All you can EAT' offer every Thursday and I have BS then so.... ohh well at least we got ourselves there one way or another. The food was YUM!!!! :)

Next Jacket- Toi, Dolci Purse- Toi, Denim Co. Jeans- Gifted, Rouge PeepToes- Marto's at 8-8 Mall