Monday, September 17, 2012

Story Moja Hay Festival!

My girls and I went for the Story Moja Hay Festival this past weekend. I can't fathom why I had never attended this great forum. Any avid book reader (irrespective of preferred genre), would love this event. Basically, the event runs for a couple of days with different discussions occurring concurrently. The festival also has a children's session which promotes the development of a reading culture from a tender age, which I strongly advocate for.
We went for a couple of the sessions, but I must say that the session Tomorrow will come, hosted by Maina Kiai on efforts to engage the Kenyan population on political and social accountability was my favorite. I left feeling so rejuvenated!

Giles Foden talks to John Sibi-Okumu about his novels Zanzibar, Ladysmith and his award winning Idi Amin novel, The Last King of Scotland.

Sunnies- Mr. Price, Custom made skirt- Local Tailor, Old Navy Vest- Toi, Ring- Mr. Price, Bangles- Maasai Market, Necklace- Bought from an old uni friend, Earrings- Gifted.


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