Friday, May 18, 2012

Office Chic

Kobas Blazer- Toi, Ricki's Pants- Toi, Sauve Shirt- Toi, Bag Toi, Ring & Bangles- Gifted

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Trendy Tuesdays- Stripes!!

Hey Guys,

Today's trend is Stripes. There are so many ways of wearing stripes...:
  • Mixing a stripped garment with a simple base (this is the one i wore today).
  • Mixing stripes with other partterns like polka dot, floral print etc
  • Wearing a stripped garment on its own e.g. a stripped dress.
  • Wearing two types of stripes e.g. big stripes with small stripes.........etc
The thing to note with stripes is that for tops, a stripe going horizantal does actually bring emphasis on the midrif area and vertical stripes does tend to make the same area look slimmer & elongated. The same concept applies to bottoms too.

Stripes were big on the Spring 2011 runways and you can see how stylish they look...

 Fashion pics courtesy of elle

Principles Top- Freddies, Forever 21 Trousers- Toi, H&M Flats- Bus Station, Sling Bag- Gikomba, Bangles- Maasai Market, Chain- Mr. price, Ring- Jewels By Angeline.

Monday, May 14, 2012

We all need Girlfriends!!

Hey Guys, hope you had an awesome weekend! I did. Well it was nice and simple...ie I was mostly home with hubby :) Anyway had a lovely time meeting my girls on Friday. They are a lovely bunch and we are all so DIFFERENT I sometimes wonder how we all get along. Anyway had a nice time catching up with them. Have a great and stylish week!!!

Cotton On Top- Westlands Hawker, Spicy Sugar Skirt- Freddies, Madden Girl Heels- BackYard Shoes, K.U. Fashion Bag- Town Hawker, Ring & Earrings- Gifted.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Memories of a Honey Comb

Hey guys, so I was rather feeling ladylike yesterday, so this is the outfit I went with. Really love the print on the skirt, reminds me of honey combs. Looking forward to the weekend. Hope you have an awesome one!!

Blazer- Toi, Metro Blouse- Toi, Skirt- Gikomba, Nine West Heels- Bus Station, Clutch- Gikomba.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Trendy Tuesdays- Bold Colour+ Print!!!!

Introducing a new segment on the blog called ' Trendy Tuesdays'. This will be a platform to discuss new trends every Tuesday and for me to offer advise on how to rock this trends. Feel free to join the discussions :)
So today's trend is BOLD Prints.

Pics courtesy of fashionista cosmetics

This trend is one of those trends that will always be around. My take is that you could rock a bold print with;
  •  A plain complimentor e.g.) a bold printed coat and a plain bottom so that all the concentration is mostly on the print or,
  • On their own or,
  • Mix prints e.g.) two different prints on a coat and a blouse or mixed prints on a top and a bottom or,
  • Mix two types of the same kind of print e.g.) big polka dot print blazer and a small polka dot print blouse with a plain colored bottom...
At the end of the day there are several ways of rocking this trend..Just play around with it and see what new combinations you can make in your wardrobe. Have an awesome time trying it out!! I went with the first option :)

Christian Dior Blazer- Toi, Zoom Skirt- Gikomba, Bag- Toi, Mossimo Heels- Bus Station, Belt- Hawker, Ring- Mr. Price.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Coffee & Bear Hugs

So yet again, its another Monday morning. I know the dread that comes with the start of another new week. Anyway, nothing that a good hot cup of coffee wont help cure :) Ohh I am introducing a new segment to the blog starting tomorrow so keep reading! Awesome week guys!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Can the weather just pick one..hot or cold?

Yesterday was just one of those loooooooong days. Started my day at Gikomba, in my wellies. Guess the boots made my shopping experience bearable!!Woe unto all the women I met with open shoes and even heels???? Who goes to a rainy and extremely muddy Gikomba market in heels? Anyway got home while it was pouring and I did the most natural thing, I layered my clothes. I wore my fuzzy warm sweater beneath my blazer and even had a scarf in my bag only to reach town and it was so sunny??Ended up removing the sweater but it came in handy when it got chilly in the evening.. Anyway, guess all this weather confusion is part of life...oh well!! Awesome Weekend!!!

Denim Co. Blazer- Toi, George Sweater- Town Hawker, Jeans- Gikomba, Studded Bag- Gikomba, Atmosphere Flats- Bus Station, Ring- Jewels By Angeline, Earrings- Gifted.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

INSPIRATION- Maasai Cricket Warriors

Photo by: Carl de Souza, AFP/ Getty
So am sick and in bed and sad that I have no outfit to post.....and then I stumbled across the Maasai Warriors Cricket team. I had heard about them but not actually taken notice until I stumbled upon their website and voila!!! True inspiration to lift up my mood and feel that warm fuzzy feeling deep inside called PRIDE. Yes, pride. Not only am I proud that they are my tribe folk,  but I am mostly proud that they are taking the initiative to do something for their community.

Maasai Warriors from the Laikipia region in Kenya have exchanged their spears for cricket bats and they are using cricket as a vehicle to empower youth and to target social problems in order to bring about positive change in their communities. To break it down....imagine a cricketer who is a semi-nomadic cattle herder living among the wild animals of Africa. Imagine him who wears layers of beads; who sets fire on the field with his bright red clothes and flying braided hair; he who gives war cries while throwing or hitting a ball and is actually a crusader for peace. Imagine him - a Maasai tribesman - playing a T-20 league. Unbelievable? Then you ought to meet the Maasai Cricket Warriors. . . http://maasaicricketwarriors.bellstrike.com/