Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Trendy Tuesdays- Bold Colour+ Print!!!!

Introducing a new segment on the blog called ' Trendy Tuesdays'. This will be a platform to discuss new trends every Tuesday and for me to offer advise on how to rock this trends. Feel free to join the discussions :)
So today's trend is BOLD Prints.

Pics courtesy of fashionista cosmetics

This trend is one of those trends that will always be around. My take is that you could rock a bold print with;
  •  A plain complimentor e.g.) a bold printed coat and a plain bottom so that all the concentration is mostly on the print or,
  • On their own or,
  • Mix prints e.g.) two different prints on a coat and a blouse or mixed prints on a top and a bottom or,
  • Mix two types of the same kind of print e.g.) big polka dot print blazer and a small polka dot print blouse with a plain colored bottom...
At the end of the day there are several ways of rocking this trend..Just play around with it and see what new combinations you can make in your wardrobe. Have an awesome time trying it out!! I went with the first option :)

Christian Dior Blazer- Toi, Zoom Skirt- Gikomba, Bag- Toi, Mossimo Heels- Bus Station, Belt- Hawker, Ring- Mr. Price.


  1. I love the new segment. Can't wait to see more trends! Love how you pulled it also!

  2. You look fabulous and i will definately try this!

  3. love the look,but please cut the darn skirt,long adds age to the whole look,reduce it to just above the knee and the transformation will be amazing.

    1. Hey, I do love the length of the skirt so will probably not cut it anytime soon. Thanks for the opinion though :-)