Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Trendy Tuesdays- Stripes!!

Hey Guys,

Today's trend is Stripes. There are so many ways of wearing stripes...:
  • Mixing a stripped garment with a simple base (this is the one i wore today).
  • Mixing stripes with other partterns like polka dot, floral print etc
  • Wearing a stripped garment on its own e.g. a stripped dress.
  • Wearing two types of stripes e.g. big stripes with small stripes.........etc
The thing to note with stripes is that for tops, a stripe going horizantal does actually bring emphasis on the midrif area and vertical stripes does tend to make the same area look slimmer & elongated. The same concept applies to bottoms too.

Stripes were big on the Spring 2011 runways and you can see how stylish they look...

 Fashion pics courtesy of elle

Principles Top- Freddies, Forever 21 Trousers- Toi, H&M Flats- Bus Station, Sling Bag- Gikomba, Bangles- Maasai Market, Chain- Mr. price, Ring- Jewels By Angeline.

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