Friday, May 4, 2012

Can the weather just pick one..hot or cold?

Yesterday was just one of those loooooooong days. Started my day at Gikomba, in my wellies. Guess the boots made my shopping experience bearable!!Woe unto all the women I met with open shoes and even heels???? Who goes to a rainy and extremely muddy Gikomba market in heels? Anyway got home while it was pouring and I did the most natural thing, I layered my clothes. I wore my fuzzy warm sweater beneath my blazer and even had a scarf in my bag only to reach town and it was so sunny??Ended up removing the sweater but it came in handy when it got chilly in the evening.. Anyway, guess all this weather confusion is part of life...oh well!! Awesome Weekend!!!

Denim Co. Blazer- Toi, George Sweater- Town Hawker, Jeans- Gikomba, Studded Bag- Gikomba, Atmosphere Flats- Bus Station, Ring- Jewels By Angeline, Earrings- Gifted.


  1. It just AMAZES me the amazing finds you get!makes me miss Kenya-and Toi market!

  2. Hey Sidi, thank you hun!!!!! Shopped last Thursday so keep reading to see more great finds!!!