Wednesday, May 2, 2012

INSPIRATION- Maasai Cricket Warriors

Photo by: Carl de Souza, AFP/ Getty
So am sick and in bed and sad that I have no outfit to post.....and then I stumbled across the Maasai Warriors Cricket team. I had heard about them but not actually taken notice until I stumbled upon their website and voila!!! True inspiration to lift up my mood and feel that warm fuzzy feeling deep inside called PRIDE. Yes, pride. Not only am I proud that they are my tribe folk,  but I am mostly proud that they are taking the initiative to do something for their community.

Maasai Warriors from the Laikipia region in Kenya have exchanged their spears for cricket bats and they are using cricket as a vehicle to empower youth and to target social problems in order to bring about positive change in their communities. To break it down....imagine a cricketer who is a semi-nomadic cattle herder living among the wild animals of Africa. Imagine him who wears layers of beads; who sets fire on the field with his bright red clothes and flying braided hair; he who gives war cries while throwing or hitting a ball and is actually a crusader for peace. Imagine him - a Maasai tribesman - playing a T-20 league. Unbelievable? Then you ought to meet the Maasai Cricket Warriors. . . http://maasaicricketwarriors.bellstrike.com/

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