Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Spurs Restaurant

Hey guys,

So sorry for the hiatus, been caught up with my temporary 9-5pm.. I think I may have found a way of balancing the two so hopefully this works. Anyway, last Saturday, our good friend Tony took hubby and I for an early dinner at Spurs and it was AMAZING. Well for all the meat lovers out there, this is a place to go. I had been (For the longest time) planning to take hubby for a date there but just never got the time. Plus they have this 'All you can EAT' offer every Thursday and I have BS then so.... ohh well at least we got ourselves there one way or another. The food was YUM!!!! :)

Next Jacket- Toi, Dolci Purse- Toi, Denim Co. Jeans- Gifted, Rouge PeepToes- Marto's at 8-8 Mall




  1. Love this joint!!Its definitely one of nairobi's best nyama!! Love the blog btw...


  2. Hi Purity!!!

    Awesome joint right! They are opening another Spurs at the new building next to Karen Connection! Woop de woop!!