Monday, July 16, 2012

Wine, chocolates and girl talk!

Hey guys, hope you had a fab weekend. I did!!!I spent the weekend with my girlfriends and we really had a blast!! Had a sleepover (More like talk-all-night), a lunch that turned out to be dinner and drinks and clubbing! All in all, its always fun to meet up with the girls and catch up!!! I feel rejuvenated for the week! Have an awesome week!!

Asos Dress- Toi, Mustard Sweater- Toi, Peace Chain- Mr. Price, Cow Horn Bangles- Maasai Market, New Look Wedges- Bus Station, Sling Bag- Gikomba.




  1. Again i totally love your sling bag. We totally need to go to Gikomba together and you show me where you get the bags.... Love it

  2. Hi Nova!!!

    He he ...Look for me and we can discuss that trip to Gikosh.. Though am not sure what space you will have for an extra bag with your current one million bags :)