Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In my Mummy's shoes!

Hey dolls! How's your Wednesday going? I saw this shoes and had to buy them since they reminded me of my mothers heels. My mum really loved chunky heels and I think she had ony two pairs of stilletos. So with all that nostalgia, I bought these beautiful and extremely comfortable shoes. I remember my friend Kaiza posting a note on FB about her mothers heels. That was me! I remember stuffing newspapers as I wore my mums heels so they could fit! Lol!

Johnny Martin Dress- Toi, Earrings- I custom-made them, Sunnies- Mr. Price, Bracelets & Ring- Gifted, Dolce Vita Sling ag- Gikomba, Missimo Heels- Bus Station.

This was Kaiza's beautiful note:

As a little girl it was all i did,
click clock,clickidy clock,
up and down the stairs i went,
all over the house i keep,
excited,delighted and my first pair of heels,
my mother's pair of heels.

A little girl still,
and barely do i fit,
her pretty shoes i want to keep,
her stance,her confidence in these,
when can i be like her i used to think,
up and down in her heels,
click clock,clickidy clock she went,
and i still couldn't get into
my mother's heels.

Then a little girl again?
trying my best to not be this again,
grown up, an almost fit,
her shoes though not so sleek,
the popular boy,the school clique,
these most assuredly i seek!!
her i constantly forget,
her every nip,her every tack i will not forgive,
She feeling so lost and bleak,
one wrong move and her beloved she most certainly will not keep,
ohh sigh indeed in
my mother's heels!

Now time cannot keep,
and i find myself a little girl still,
and her shoes that i found not so sleek,
i seem to no longer fit,
larger and greater than life are her feet,
how can i ever hope to fit?
all the shouting and fighting,
will i ever be like this?
the example she almost thought she could not keep,
is now the very promise i hope to keep,
will i ever be like her i seek?
ohh i wonder and hope indeed in these,
my mother's heels!!


  1. How sweet!!!! You look chic! Love the poem too. Think it applies to so many girls (and ohh well some boys)too :)

    Mugure- USIU

  2. hahahahaha my niece was doing the same with her mum's heels and ofcourse i had to join her lol!

    1. Ha ha!!! I did the same thing.. Guess its just a part of growing up!!