Monday, October 14, 2013

Sopa Lodge Naivasha, Kenya!

Hey guys, hope you had a fab weekend! Last weekend, we (my hubby, two friends & I ) went to visit a  very good friend who works at Sopa Lodge Naivasha. It was such a needed and long awaited road trip!!!! We had an amazing meal there and passed by Delamere for their extra yummy milkshakes! Knowing how I love nature, I enjoyed walking by the lake and taking in all the serenity around before having to leave for Nairobi! Oh how I love Naivasha!!
I love,love the mix of the wood and the wrought iron chandelier. Its so country-themed..
This is such a clever way to disguise the kitchen windows....So creative!
The swings...
Vera Wang Dress- Freddies | Peep Toe Flats- Random Town Vendor  |  Adrienne Clutch- Gikomba |  Bangles- Maasai Market | Earrings- Mr. Price


  1. Its so pretty! Planning on going there one day! Loving the effects you put on the pics as well! Great blog!

    1. Thanks Kawira! Its a lovely place, you should definitely go!

  2. You make me wanna head to Naivasha this weekend!With my girls though,no boyfriend:(Lovely pics.

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    1. Hey Mumbi! It would make make for such a lovely girls weekend away! Thanks for stopping by!