Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hair Journal: 9 Months Natural!

So this natural hair journey is not easy as others may portray. I decided to chop my hair sometime towards the end of last year. Although I dilly-dallied for a bit, I actually did it on 1st January 2013 as part of my new years resolution. My hairdresser had refused to cut my hair and was on the verge of tears so I walked into the barbers next door and cut off one side. With that swift move, my hairdresser was forced to shave the rest of my head.

I immediately braided the next day as I researched (mainly YouTube) on how to style my TWA. Since then, I have mostly had my hair 'open' and if you are an avid reader of the blog, you can tell I have had plenty of i-just-dont-give-a-hoot bad hair days. I thank God for my job as we do not have a dress code and this gives me the opportunity to pull off whatever I want, and i do mean whatever!

So its been 9 months and I have gotten to the stage where I am looking forward to taking better care of my hair. I am glad I have never gotten the temptation to retouch my hair and I believe that my hair would be healthier & longer had I been more patient and dedicated.

The picture was taken after undoing my three strand braids (matuta) and my hair is a bit stretched out. I normally do twist outs but my hair shrinks a lot and always looks shorter. Anyway, feel free to comment below and share about your hair journey! So here's to better hair care, more length & thickness!!


  1. I am now 1 year natural and I don't regret the big chop at all!!Your hair looks healthy so keep keeping on:)


    1. Hey Mumbi!

      I love your hair abut I am so scared of dyeing it after hearing so many stories of what colour can do to your hair! Thanks for reading and here's to keeping it natural!
      Glad you are back to blogging dear!!! All the best.

  2. Hey Girl! Your hair looks so good! Ati you haven't been taking care of it that much? Heh, then you must have good genes! Keep it up and a year from now, I am sure it will be so much healthier and longer!

    Great work on the blog as always!

    1. Thanks Missy! Will do my best so that in a years time, I can look back and be glad I actually paid more attention to my hair!

      Thanks for reading sugar!