Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A touch of Red!

Hi guys, this was my OOTD from yesterday. I really, really love black and I can easily wear all black any day but I guess I don't want to always look like I am in mourning so I always try to throw in a dash of colour wherever possible.

This was me yesterday at work. Been on holiday for the past three weeks and now I am back to school this week. It feels as though we just closed school and now we are back.... Maybe that's why I feel so tired even before the semester begins!! Lol! Anyway, happy mid-week ya'll!

Blazer- Chira's Stall G72 @ Jamia Mall | Polka Top- Mr. Price | Ricki's Pants- Toi Market | Bag- Tony Sells Bags | Earrings- Town Exhibition | Polka Pointed Heels- Bus Station for 300/=


  1. Those shoes are hot and for 300 bob that is just amazing.Love your look.

    1. Thanks dear! Yes Bus Station shoes are amazing and super affordable! Have a great evening and thanks for reading!

    2. Looking great Sienna!! Thanks for the bag credits :) Christmas treats coming soon! - Tony

    3. Welcome dear! Looking forward ;-)