Monday, August 3, 2015

Food Review: The Terrace, Qaribu Inn!

Pictures by DannySkech

Hey guys, so Dan and I had lunch at Qaribu Inn last Monday. I had first been to Qaribu Inn in May this year with my boss who was looking for a quiet place our team could sit and work with minimum distractions. Ok, let me start from the beginning... A few months back, I had driven around Loresho and and noticed the bright orange Qaribu Inn sign. With around thirty minutes to kill, I decided to randomly drive in and check out their premises, seeing that I am constantly scouting for venues to hold work meetings. I was met by jolly staff who were eager to give me a tour of the establishment and let me just tell you that when I walked in to the terrace restaurant, I knew that it was only a matter of time before this beautiful hidden gem was known to the world.

So fast forward to May, when bossman asked me to book a venue for a meeting that was not only close to town but with a quiet environment, Qaribu Inn just popped into my mind! So after that initial experience, I was super excited and honoured when the management accepted my request for a non-sponsored food review. 

About Qaribu Inn:
Qaribu Inn is an easily accessible 3-star budget hotel that offers comfortable accommodation for business and holiday travellers. The hotel provides a meeting room for conferences for up to 100 people and cosy and well-designed rooms for accommodation. The spacious terrace restaurant overlooks a well maintained gently sloping grass path with canopying trees bordering a picturesque dam that is frequented by ducks.

Contact information: www.qaribuinn.com

{By the pond}
{Beautiful views overlooking the terrace}
{Friends across the pond}
The Meal:
When I was reading their menu, I came across the Qaribu Inn beef burger. From my experience, any food or beverage that is named after the establishment is definitely something worth trying out.... its like a signature meal. So Dan, my brother and I all ordered for the Qaribu Inn beef burger but I opted to have it with vegetables instead of fries. So we put out our order and the meal was ready in 12 minutes, which was perfect seeing that I purposely did not have breakfast so I could thoroughly devour the meal. The meal cost KShs. 700 and additional KShs. 200 for juice.. {or in my case, for the virgin mojito}.

 Let me just tell you, this was one succulent burger! At first glance, the burger looked so big but I gently squashed the burger so that everything can fit for several big bites. The meat patty was well done and so deliciously juicy. The cheese was that perfect consistency.. half solid, half melted. Then there was this exquisite relish on top of the cheese! I think it was caramelised onion, but the colour and the delicate sweetness made me think of caramelised beets.... the jury is still out. And lastly to top it off, bacon! Yuuuuummm! May the heavens open and shower us with this burger! 

The location provided a perfect ambience to enjoy a meal with friends and family. The service was quick and offered with joy and pride. The waitress was very knowledgeable of the content of each dish after asking her several questions on the various meals offered on their menu. The food was very delectable and I will definitely be back! I would recommend that if you are anywhere around Loresho, Westlands or heck, anywhere in Nairobi, do pay a visit to Qaribu Inn and enjoy your meal overlooking the serene view of the pond!
Have a prosperous week!

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  1. Nice! I've always been curious about the place. Thanks! Are you allowed to post pricing on this platform? Def paying them a visit soon.

    1. Oh yes, let me add the pricing!

    2. Well........������

    3. I already added the pricing for the meal I had...but from what I remember, main course dishes range from KShs. 500- KShs. 1500.

  2. we checked out this place after reading your review and my, it was well worth it..the food is fresh and well done, good service, ambience and quite pocket friendly......

    1. Amazing Jaygee!! Glad you had a great experience!

  3. First and foremost, I want your hair {GORGEOUS}
    Thanks for this review, I have been looking for a place to sample food.

    http://tastiedine.wordpress.com {Foodie Heaven}

    1. Hey TD, thank you. You should definitely give it a go!

  4. Nice review..another place to add to my list of 'Places to check out'. Great blog too!