Thursday, August 6, 2015

Product Review: Mikalla Honey & Butter Conditioner!

Pictured by DannySkech

 Hey guys! So today's post continues the Mikalla product review series. If you have missed the other product reviews, you can scroll down my page or alternatively, find them here: shampoo and treatment review.

When we were planning how to review these Mikalla products, Dan and I decided to dedicate one Saturday per product so I can truly observe how my hair responds to each product. However, when I reviewed the Mikalla Quadra Oil treatment, I mentioned that I co-washed my hair using the Mikalla Honey & Butter conditioner.  I noticed how soft my hair became immediately I applied this conditioner and I knew that this would no doubt, be my favourite product from the Mikalla range.

About the Mikalla Honey & Butter Conditioner:
The Mikalla Honey & Butter Conditioner is enriched with honey, which is a natural moisturizer and shea butter that has a lot of nutritional benefits such as; moisturizing qualities, acts as a sealant (to lock in moisture in the hair shaft), softens hair and acts as a heat protectant. The Mikalla Honey and Butter Conditioner claims to soften, detangle, moisturize and protect the hair cuticles against heat styling. The conditioner comes in a variety of sizes and with affordable prices; 500ml. (KShs.150), 1ltr. (KShs. 285) and 5ltrs. (KShs.565).

My Review:
I loved the thickness of this product! Plus it smells heavenly!!!!! Other than as a co-wash, I always use conditioner to take down old twists or braids to avoid tangles, which can easily result in lose of hair. The reason why I use conditioner for this process is because it has 'slip', which simply means that the conditioner has a good-kind-of-slippery-essence that makes hair easy to detangle therefore preventing breakage or split ends.
 I started off with old twists that I had on for a week. 

{The BEFORE pic}
As I slowly un-did each twist, the conditioner provided the slip my hair needed in order to loosen the strands and tackle the tangles.
{The AFTER pic}
Once the take -down was complete, I was ready to co-wash my hair.
 Look at that miniscule ball of hair I lost during the takedown!! In the past, I lost so much hair because I never applied conditioner for this process and would end up battling with my tangles especially at the exact point where the braid meets the hair {... you know that point of installation- ladies, I know you get it...}
 Since I had recently treated my hair, I jumped in to the shower for a quick co-wash. I loved the fact that I did not need to add any more conditioner in the shower, as I already had enough product on my hair for the wash.
I loved how soft and fluffy my hair felt after using this product! Just look at the picture above! In true testament, I was even able to braid myself with so much ease after my drying my hair.... {and not forgetting the fact that I am still practicing the 'no-comb' method}!! I also appreciated the fact that I was able to use this product not only as a detangler to undo my old twist-outs but also as a shampoo. This was definitely my favourite of the Mikalla range so far! I would definitely recommend and re-purchase this product!
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Thank you for reading!


  1. My hair LOVES this conditioner!!! Been avidly following your blog for a while now and the product review series has been one of my favourites so far! Its very detailed and honest! BIG UP!

    1. Awww thank you Alma! Thank you for reading, much appreciated.

  2. Interesting. Like the review.

  3. nice... the conrow2 :)
    interesting indeed


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  8. I like love the reviews on this mikalla products and I'd like to try them but I'm in kisii how or where can I get them?