Monday, July 20, 2015

Product Review: Mikalla Quadra Oil Hair Protein Treatment!

Pictures by DannySkech

 Hey guys! So today's post is the second in a four-part series reviewing Mikalla products. Over the weekend, I treated my hair using the Mikalla Quadra Oil Hair Protein Treatment which contains four natural oils, that is, olive oil, mint, wheat germ and shea butter. 

When it comes to oils, it is important to make a distinction on the two categories of oils; essential oils and carrier oils. Vegetable oils such as coconut and olive oil are classified as carrier oils used to dilute essential oils while also providing nourishment to your hair or body. Essential oils on the other hand, can be extracted from a wide range of plants (leaves, flowers, seeds). They have a strong scent and are very potent, hence the need to dilute them with carrier oils. The carrier oil, therefore 'carries' the essential oils to your hair or skin. Knowledge of this oil classification may inform you as you create your own homemade oil mix.

About the Mikalla Quadra Oil Hair Protein Treatment:
The Mikalla Quadra Oil Hair Protein Treatment contains a mix of both carrier and essential oils that enrich and nourish your hair. This amalgamation of these oils seeks to treat dry scalps and promote growth (mint), acts as a moisturizer and heat protectant (shea butter), infuse vitamins A, B, D, E and acts as a hair emollient (wheatgerm) and offers antibacterial qualities, acts as a natural conditioner and promotes growth (olive oil). 

My Review:
I am one of those people who love smelling products (even though scents may not contribute to the value of the product... think coconut oil....), so the first thing I did was to smell the product, which has a refreshing scent courtesy of the mint. The treatment comes in a variety of sizes and with affordable prices; 150g. (KShs. 110), 250g. (KShs. 225), 400g. (KShs. 350) and 1kg. (KShs. 785).

I started off by washing my hair with the Mikalla Honey & Butter Conditioner (this product will be in my next review) because I only shampoo my hair once a month. Hold up, that does not mean I only wash my hair once a month. Let me explain... Shampoos are naturally made to cleanse your scalp to be squeaky clean and may end up stripping off the sebum your scalp naturally produces. Frequent use of shampoo may result in dry hair meaning brittle strands that cause breakage. I therefore, choose to wash my hair with conditioner commonly referred to as 'co-washing', weekly or every fortnight which is a better option to keep your scalp clean without stripping your natural oils.
I loved the thick consistency of the product. Yessss!
 I applied my treatment in segments, which makes it easier to rinse off later on to avoid tangling. I placed a shower cap over my hair and stayed with the treatment for 45 minutes since I did not use a dryer/ steamer (which if I had I had, would have only required me to stay with the treatment for 15 minutes).
 I then did an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse before oiling and styling.
 My hair was so soft after I rinsed off the treatment and left free of any tangles! The only con was the fact that one of the ingredients included paraffinum liqidum, another term for mineral oil, which prevents healthy ingredients from penetrating the hair shaft, therefore preventing the hair from fully receiving the nutrients from the oils applied. I enjoyed using this product and would definitely recommend it!
Earrings- H&M | Leather Jacket- House of Holland | On my lips {MAC Nightmoth lipliner & MAC Diva lipstick}

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  1. Amazing! Im liking the detailed reviews! Will definitely try Mikalla!

    1. Hi Wambui, thank you and yes, give them a try! I'm sure you will love their products!

  2. Your reviews are too timaam! Excellent job.

  3. am stationed at Mombasa how can i get the product and how much do they cost

    1. Hi. You can get the products from the following retailers in Mombasa: http://alkhemybrands.com/mombasa/ . As for costs, kindly check out my first review here: http://threadmuse.blogspot.co.ke/2015/07/product-review-mikalla-shampoo.html

  4. Hi loved your product review for Mikalla where are they selling ther products am currently stationed in Kitale

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  9. Sadly it does not have any protein yet it is supposed to be a protein treatment.

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