Tuesday, August 30, 2011

K24 Shoot Number 5

Hey Guys,

Yes, I know I have been MIA for this past week but I have been spending my days at the garage doing the last bits on my car + my PC went on strike.... Anyway, I had yet another shoot last Thursday. Here are the pics from the theme "How to wear boyfriend jackets".
My little Kitty cat was in some of the shots...Got to love her :)

Outfit 1:
I have already featured this outfit before...

Outfit 2:
Jean Shorts- Town Hawker, Top- Bus Station, Stockings- Toi, Boots- Elegant, Ring- Gifted.

Outfit 3:
Fuchsia Dress- Tailored (Was actually a bridesmaid's dress), Heels- BackYard Shoes, Clutch- Toi, Ring- Gifted, Earrings- Gifted.

I know, she's too damn cute!!!!




  1. so cool!! Are you a model or stylist?? I am super proud of ya! Joey

  2. chiipppssss wazi jo, naona nyau anarepresent :-)

  3. LOL my latest post has a blazer too... I dont think I can pull off the boyfriend blazer look though :)

  4. tellem sienna mr. price ain'tr the only place selling hype n classy clothes, Muthurua n th rest have awesome clothes too aaand at affordable prices!!

  5. Thanks Guys!!! And yes Njoroge, I shop anywhere and everywhere and I LOVE it!!! Second hand markes are the way to go for me :)