Monday, August 8, 2011

Romantic South Coast- Diani, Kenya!

Hey Guys,

Was on Holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Went to the romantic South Coast and had a blast!!!!Went with my Mr and My mum -in-law!! Had a beautiful time at Baobab Beach Resort.. This place has a great view, clean beach, around 5 different restaurants, cascading pools and open bar with full board ;-) Just a few pics....

Almost got the position right.. ALMOST

Outfit 1: Grey Ruffled Top- Freddies, Checkered Shorts- Toi, Sandals- Muthurwa, Belt- Elegant.

Outfit 2: Lilac Top- Toi, Brown Checkered Shorts- Toi, Grey Oxfords- Mr. Price, Lilac Bag- Toi,    Pink Rose Ring- Gifted.

Outfit 3: White and Beige Romper- Toi, Blue Beaded Sandals- Gifted from Maasai Market, Heart Necklace- Mr. Price, Raafia Bag- Gikomba, Brown Belt- Gikomba.


  1. I hate you. Period. Especially for that last photo. OMG and what were you trying with the second last one???

  2. LOLest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK I should'nt be telling you of all people but since you asked...the second last one is a picture of a huge millipede.. Im sorry Hodh...Just try to block it out :)
    But anyway, we had a fantastic time there even though it was only for two nights..

  3. I KNOW that's a millipede! Which is why I'm wondering why you had to post that photo here!!!

    1. Just seeing this years later!!!!!!Lol...I deleted the pic...