Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Orange Pea

Hey Guys,

Hope you have all been well. Just been caught up at home. Had to host a couple of visitors, one of them being my mum in law who's been teaching me how to sew. I made a fabulous dress but the weather does not permit me to wear it or if I do, I will layer it and you will not get to see the actual dress that much...Anyway, today was just a nice simple day....

So this is Kitano's debut on my blog. This is our diva kitten (Yes she's still a kitten- 11 months but maybe a bit fat :-)   She's a master poser and loves my shoes and bags...yep, that's our diva cat. X

De Sol Jacket- Toi, Black Skinnies- Toi, Beige Heidelberg Sweater- Nakumatt, Earrings- Gifted, Ring- Gifted, Boots- Toi, Giovanni Barganza Clutch- Gikomba. 

Have an awesome week!!



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  1. Now that clutch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mmmmh love it.. love it