Friday, September 9, 2011

City Council aka Kanjo!

Hey Guys,

Hope your well. Am good just crazy busy..Anyway, was looking through my camera and realized that I had taken pictures last Thursday and forgot to post them. Well...maybe its because it was a dramatic/ hilarious day...My aunt sent me to pick sandals from this maasai market guy who was actually delivering them to me then i drop them at her house..The guy got busted by CCN for posing+ looking like a hawker and the paper bag full of shoes didn't help :) So had to go  bail him out and that was just drama...Enough said.....

Blue shirt- Town Hawker, Red Skinnies- Gifted, Leaf Connector Ring- Gifted, Grey Oxfords- Mr. Price, Bracelets- Maasai Market, Studded Black Sling Bag- Gikomba.




  1. I really love the sandals!!! How can I get a pair?


  2. Hey Shaz,
    The guy i dealt with was from Kariakor mkt. Though you can get the same from maasai market for about 5sok a pair. X