Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I am meeee!

Hey Guys,

Hope all's well with you. Am good. Just got home and this is actually what I wore today as I went for my errands. I really like this outfit because its so simple yet if you need to go out , you just throw in a sexy pair of heels and a clutch bag and your good to go!

Next Jacket- Toi, Shirt Dress- Toi, Leggings- Toi, Bangles & Peep Toe's- Chira's China Goodies at Jamia Mall, Ann Klein Bag- Langata, Earrings- Gifted, Ring- Gifted, Belt- Bus Station.


  1. ooooh nice belt! kinda matches the ring!!


  2. I absoooofreakinglutely love that jacket...and the shirt...and the belt! But mostly the jacket. Which reminds me......I will kill you. It's now been how many months???