Thursday, October 1, 2015

Shorts:Part 1!

I have had these shorts for as long as I can remember. I just seem to be attached to them. Maybe it's the versatility it embraces... I have worn them to work, to brunch, to parties........ 

You get the point. 

As much as the shorts are the centrepiece for this look, let me just tell you a bit about this blazer. This is actually an old favourite from my closet. I was rummaging a heap of clothes in Toi market eons ago and I caught a glimpse of the lovely yellow colour and pretty flower print. The lady next to me seemed to have also noticed it at about the same time as I did. I have never grabbed anything that fast in my life! Turned out to be a Dior creation! Thank you, Toi!

For this look, I loved how the shorts toned down the loudness of the tee, blazer and shoes. I just felt like it brought the whole look together. I call it semi-casual chic..... no? Anyway, watch out for the next part of the series coming soon! Happy Thursday!
Christian Dior Blazer- Toi Market | Maroon Tee- Toi Market | Pleated Shorts- Old | Dorothy Perkins Heels- Quays Mall, Northern Ireland | Earrings- ASOS

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