Monday, October 19, 2015

Shorts: Part. II!

Pictures by DannySkech

Sorry for the hiatus ladies and gents. I have been working on a new project + also travelling ...

Now, who doesn't love a nice warm and fuzzy sweater? More so now, since it seems to be getting chilly in Nairobi..  I got this sweater from Woolworths a month ago when they had their 50% sale. I loved the colour and easy feel of the sweater.

So for the second (and last) part of this series, I wanted to go for a more toned down version of the last look.

Simple and cozy.
With longtime friend ... Nemps of B.O.H
Sweater & Earrings- Woolworths Kenya | Shorts- Old | Heels- Dorothy Perkins | Clutch- ASOS
With Nempiris of BOH and my photographer, DannySkech. It is amazing that we have all known each other from primary school and we are definitely working on a new project together... Will keep you posted!


  1. The graffiti on that wall!? I love it too much :)

    Nice post though...keep going...and all the best in your upcoming project!!!
    Khasoha- Samita

  2. Haiya Danny Sketch is Daniel from our class!!!!You are all looking lovely

  3. Yeah I agree and I also love to wear beautiful warm and fuzzy sweaters. Infact I wear simple yet chic sweater in my corporate events too for a different look. It’s really a nice post you have shared with all of us. I am glad I find it to read.

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  6. I love the lovely sweater. Regards, Peter Oluoch, http://vc.uonbi.ac.ke and photographer at www.doxa.co.ke

  7. Nice Blog. Looking stylish in sweater and short dress. Such a fabulous and Perfect Outfit. I like this Blog. Please try to Post Beautiful Sarees and Salwar Kameez.