Monday, September 14, 2015

Shepherd's Pie!

Sorry, I have been quiet for a while.... So I decided to make a shepherds pie....actually, no...more like, I had very many potatoes, some vegetables, and minced mutton. I have definitely made variations of this pie with different kinds of meat and still called it shepherd pie! 

So sometime last year, I discovered (... rather, was informed) that it is called 'shepherds' because ideally, it is made of mutton. Also, because a shepherd is he who tends and rears sheep. Yeah, you get the drift... How wasn't that obvious to me?

Anyway, so here I was. Straight from the office, feeling tired from battling traffic but eager to make a good meal. I didn't have anything for lunch because I forgot to pack my food and I was scared as hell to buy any. Why, you ask? Try having a severe bout of h.pylori (my friend, I even pack water to work! No jokes there!)
 Back to the post... So it's a very simple meal to prepare.

Serves 5

For the Mash:
10 medium sized potatoes
2 tbs Butter 
1 cup of Milk

For the Filling:
Olive Oil
Green Pepper

For the Topping:
 I always start cooking by preparing the item that would take the longest to cook. In this case, the potatoes. I boiled them with salt for 10-12 minutes.
 While that was boiling, I quickly fried onions and garlic, quickly followed by the mutton. I then added the remaining vegetables to the pan.

Once the potatoes were ready, I drained the water and added the butter and milk when the potatoes were still hot. This is the trick I use to get that perfect, silky-smooth consistency in mashed potatoes. I then add pepper for extra flavour.

I then layer the oven dish starting with the meat, then a layer of cheese in between to serve as a binder, then followed by the mash and more cheese at the top. 
 I then place the dish in a slightly preheated oven at 180° C until the top layer of cheese melts and is slightly golden brown.
 Ready to be devoured!
Thank you for reading!


  1. Love the narrative. Randomly interesting. Looks yum! Definitely wanna try make this!

  2. Oh wow!
    Looks good