Monday, November 21, 2011

DIY- Easy access for your Belts!!

Hey Guys,

Hope you had an awesome weekend...Well I am still in bed, having a lazy Monday. I had the chance to do some organizing over the weekend and thought of sharing about my new belt rack. I am one of those people who love DIYs and was a bit fed up of having my belts so disorganized (My OCD had gone to over drive!!!!). So this is how I created my belt rack:

1.  I got two metal hangers, the soft and easy to bend ones.

2. I made one into a circular shape and passed it through a rubber tube. (The point of doing this is because I have many belts and the tough rubber tube will offer stability to the weight of the belts while the hanger inside will manipulate the shape of the rubber to be circular- any shape works.)

3. After passing the hanger into the rubber, I tied both loose ends together.

4. I then used the second hanger by undoing the hanger BUT leaving the hook part intact.

5. The two loose ends of the second hanger is then tied to any two points of the circular base already made.

6. Finally!!! Somewhere you can access a specific belt without removing 20 others just to get to that one.......

Having said and done, there are other options for belt racks...e.g.) you could use coat hooks or plastic hooks or even have a drawer in a wardrobe specifically for them.. The choice is yours. Have a great week!!




  1. I love this belt rack Idea. I want to scream every time I go to grab a belt and the whole mess falls to the ground.
    I might just DIY this.
    Awesome blog.

  2. Thanks Njeri. Have an awesome day.

  3. Awesome idea. Thanks for sharing!


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