Saturday, December 3, 2011

Green and Beautiful

Hey Guys,

Hope you have been well. I have had one SUPER LONG week dealing with cops and all! Anyway, after all that, my hubby and I took a drive to Limuru. It was just perfect. It was soo green and beautiful. Maybe it was extra green because of all the recent rain, but hey it was beautiful. These are just a few of the pictures I took.

"Throughout Africa, women are the primary caretakers, holding significant responsibility for tilling the land and feeding their families. As a result, they are often the first to become aware of environmental damage as resources become scarce and incapable of sustaining their families."
In the course of history, there comes a time when humanity is called to shift to a new level of consciousness, to reach a higher moral ground. A time when we have to shed our fear and give hope to each other."

- Wangari Maathai's Nobel Lecture, delivered in Oslo, 10 December 2004.
RIP Wangari