Thursday, November 3, 2011

African Jungle

Hey Guys,

Hope your well. So I was feeling all jungle green yesterday. Took the pictures before it started pouring!! Had just undone my hair so the African bow came in handy indeed. I really need to go retouch my hair but I sooooooo hate doing that when the weather is all rainy...and si you know how African hair gets :)
Anyway it has to be done. Too much growth. urrrghhhh!!!! Anyway, here goes...

Earrings- Mr. Price, Kitenge Head Band- Gifted, Principles Metallic Top- Toi, Jungle Green Skirt- Gikomba, Timeless Peep Toe Booties- Gifted, KU Fashion Clutch- Town Street Hawker.




  1. cute shoes! Love the effect of the bow!!


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