Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Print on Print: Stripes & Floral!

Hello darlings! Todays post features the outfit I wore for the first Blogger Styling challenge were we featured the Print on Print trend. I love wearing mixed prints and there are so many ways of wearing this trend as seen in the challenge post. This challenge was an exciting way to bring all these beautiful bloggers together and inspire people from our different style perspectives. Thank you for reading & have a lovely Wednesday! 
Pictures by PikchaGUY
Earrings- Town Hawker | Necklace- Kung'ara | Top & Skirt- Toi Market | Slingback Heels - Backyard Shoes | Bag- Tony | Lips- MAC Ruby Woo | Makeup by Wacuka Thimba


  1. Goodness gracious...Your photos are ooooohhh sooo lovely! Whoever your photographer is, kindly hi five him/her when you meet them! I do not know much about fashion but you look really nice too.

    1. Thanks Halisee! Will come for a pencil portrait real soon!

  2. I love how the photographer captured the sun's rays on your skin and the overall picture quality!

  3. Loving your outfit alot. You have killed the print on print challenge for sure.