Thursday, May 7, 2015

Stockholm, Sweden!

Hey guys! I am currently writing this post from my bed. Oh yes, the joys of being on leave! Its been amazing having a week off after 1 and a half months of travelling back to back! I normally don't travel as often but for some reason, most of my work and holiday trips got caught up between mid March and beginning of May.

Anyway, now you know why I have been very quite. So hubby and I visited my aunt and cousins in Stockholm at the end of March for a few days. I took very few pictures as I seriously went into hibernation. No jokes. During our stay, the temperature ranged between -2° to 4° C, then to top that off, I was extremely exhausted from my work trips. So I slept and ate and enjoyed the comfort of central heating. Tomorrow, I'll share a few pictures from our trip to Ireland...

{The view from my room}
{The swan search begins}
{Distracted by the lopsided bridge}
{Feeling daring- Apparently, swans are known to break people's legs when they feel threatened!}
{Stunning elegance}
Wearing: Denim Jacket- Toi | Sweatshirt & Jeans- Store in Istanbul | Scarf-Store in Ethiopia | Flats- Zara | Thrifted Sling Bag- Polo by Ralph Lauren