Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kigali, Rwanda!

Hey guys. Its definitely been a travel-filled month for me. I was in Kigali for two days after my Addis trip. Kigali is hilly with beautiful views all around and is also sparkling clean! I managed to go to the Kigali Genocide Memorial, which I highly recommend for anyone visiting the town. 

'It is imperative to understand the historical context of a people in order to understand their culture'
One of the most amazing places I visited was the Inema Arts Centre. I am a big art enthusiast and I fell right at home when I was there. Emmanuel, one of the founding brothers, took me through the history of the centre and I was particularly impressed by the assistance they give to orphans through nurturing and developing their art skills.
All you need is LOVE.
Oozing regality
Jacket- Jadia Creations | Jeans- Oxxo in Turkey | Flats- Woolworths | White Tee- Toi Market
 Eye see me
Hand woven earrings.

Top 5 Suggestions:

1. Visit the Kigali Memorial Centre {or any other historical/ cultural site}
2. Enjoy their local cuisine {E.g. Gisangani}
3. Shop in the local markets {For traditional hut-shaped baskets, earrings etc.}
4. Enjoy Kigali night life at e.g. KGL which has a very lively live band.
5. Buy a souvenir! {E.g. baskets, masks, postcards etc.}

Have a productive week ahead!


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  2. I love the art and the photography. Great post