Monday, November 17, 2014


 Hello guys! I've really missed being here! Well I am still home recovering from my fractured foot... 3 more weeks to go! Anyway, these are just a few pictures of what I have been up to lately....
I worked with my longtime friend Dan for a few portrait shots he was working on. He's an amazing photographer and videographer!
Was out on Friday for dinner to celebrate my girl Ida's birthday! Ida with the beautiful kitenge blazer with Kui below..
 Mrs. Den Dulk..
Yummy salmon pancakes with an orange sauce
 Pork wrapped up in bacon...
Have a blessed week ahead and please support the #MyDressMyChoice campaign follow the recent public stripping events that have affected many women in Kenya. Granted that decency is appreciated, all women should be allowed to wear what they are comfortable in. These abusers need to be prosecuted! 


  1. Happy blated birthday Ida. Ya'll look good. what restaurant is that?

  2. Sienna love love LOVE the headwraps. You. Are. Beautiful. Sana. For the birthday dinner, sad I missed. You all look absolutely stunning! Love you mucho Ida and I fully support #MyDressMyChoice! campaign. It's so infuriating to have such behaviour in 2014. Big, fat SHAME!

  3. Sienna you look absolutely gorgeous in the head wraps. Really nice shots. Sad I missed out on the dinner. I'm totally supporting #mydressmychoice

  4. you look AMAZING


  5. Love the head wrap you got there :-)
    Nice post.