Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Abuja, Nigeria!

 Hey guys. Sorry I have been MIA but as I mentioned on my FB Page, I was caught up with writing my thesis. Anyway, I went to Abuja at the beginning of this month for work. Abuja is a beautiful city with wonderful people and amazing roads! They keep right on the road so it was a tad bit disorienting for me. Anyway, these were the few decent pics I managed to take despite our extremely busy schedule. Our hosts had planned to take us on a touristic trip on our last evening but as luck would have it, it not only rained, it POURED!
This is the beautiful Fati, from our host organization, who has a heart of gold. She made sure we had everything we needed during our stay. Isn't her outfit amazing? Nigerians are very proud of their culture and everywhere we went, we saw majority of the populace in traditional outfits or modern outfits made from traditional fabrics. I instantly fell in love with their fashion! 
We had an opportunity to quickly pass by the market and I obviously had to get a few fabrics for myself. I later learnt that fabric is a bit pricey in Abuja but very cheap in Lagos. 
 Most houses in Abuja have this 'hotel-esque' design. Looks very nice & posh!

 My picture doesn't do any justice to the Abuja National Mosque. The architecture is amazing and so detailed!
 This picture was taken by my colleague using his phone (camera's are not permitted) at the Abuja Parliament.
 Beautiful Ethiopian fabric and sandals below... 

And I randomly bumped into Shei & his colleague of Backyard Shoes on our way back home!


  1. Must visit Nigeria ooh!

  2. So envious of the fabrics you got!

    1. Thanks Ngechi! Now need to make some fabulous clothes with them lol!