Friday, April 8, 2011

Amateur bliss!!

Hey guys,

So my 2011 is taking interesting turns so far! I quit my job and got time to organise myself to follow my dreams and passion...FASHION!!!! So I have been staring at my sewing machine that I dont know how to use (I know!!!- I didnt do home science so...)Anyway, I am learning how to sew and design as am doing other things on the side and to be honest, I have never been happier!!!So I'll update you how all that goes...

On other news, I got to do a small feature on AW (African Woman- Feb 2011 issue) and will definitely feature it here next!

So for today, I found some pics that I took for my first ever random photo shoot courtesy of the ever talented Leon Muli !So let me share my first pure but truly fun photo shoot!


  1. Really Nice!Gal...nothing beats following your dreams. Must say you are very courageous and wish you the very best and i know your bold step will pay off. Most of us sit in offices that say nothing about who we truly are...and I also must say, style and fashion, this blog...that's what you were made for. so start sewing already and all the best again..cant wait to see you in fashion headlines!

  2. I will teach you how to shona.......... love siz

  3. Thanks guys and please follow my blog!!! Just click on the follow button!! Thanks again!!!X